Profitable Funnels for Sensitive Sellers (the eKit)

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Funnels and Selling in Ways that Feel Good

A humanized approach to sales on autopilot.

Yes, it’s possible.

And there’s a full digital kit (book, workbook, templates, and guided walkthroughs) to help you build a profitable funnel to your coaching services, information products, or freelance services.


I'll assume you're here because you have something you want to sell. And you'd like to sell it consistently.

And maybe everyone is telling you that you need to "set up a sales funnel" or "do some online marketing" . . . and you're like, "Thanks, bro. Super helpful." (While you search for the eye roll or tears emoji.)

😭 << Here you go.

But, don't worry. I'm here to actually show you how you can take a service (think: freelancing or coaching online) or a digital product (like a book, course, event, or template) and create a specific path of information and storytelling (a sales funnel) that gets your audience motivated to buy . . . in a very human, natural way.

What are funnels? How can they help your business?

At the most basic level a funnel is a sequence of content pieces you create (and typically make available for free), in which each piece is meant to help: (1) move your audience toward a desired action, and (2) accomplish a specific brand goal for you.

My belief is that even though your funnel may have one general goal, the most feel-good, “sensitive,” and customer-centric funnels are ones that offer a lot of value for free and perhaps even have a few stop-off points for people just in case your end goal is not what they need.

Observe the example sequence below that our friend Theo has put together--yes, he's an imaginary friend that I made up--don't judge. Even though he only has one item to sell, he gives a lot of epic information to his audience so that they can either get what they need from the complimentary resources or buy the full guide for more.

See? Funnels aren't so bad. They can be insanely useful to your audience, and, you can often create them from materials you already have. It's just about knowing how to educate and motivate your audience, and how to pitch to them in ways that resonate and move them.

And that's what Profitable Funnels for Sensitive Sellers is here to do for you.

And not only do you actually have 9 more friends in addition to Theo (psst--your eKit takes you through 50 examples like the one above--in various niches with funnels of different lengths, for different products and services, and with different goals) . . .

. . . but there is so much more to this digital kit that will help you plan, create, launch, and promote your funnels. Let me tell you all about it below.

Your digital kit of funnel goodness is broken down into five PDFs and several guided walkthrough videos in your book dashboard.

Let me explain.

Download 1: "Plan" (120 pages)

Plan covers all the outlining, brainstorming, and planning you need to do for a profitable, functional funnel.

Its chapters include:

  • Understand Funnels
  • Define Your Audience and Brand Goals
  • Decide Who You Want in Your Funnel
  • Create Your Custom Funnel Outline (Quiz and Results)
  • Select Your Funnel Platforms
  • Brainstorm Stories and Lessons for Your Emails

All 120 pages of "Plan" are available for download immediately, as soon as you purchase the eKit below.

Download 2: "Imagine" (60 pages)

Imagine includes 50 example funnel outlines (and 10 avatars/characters) to inspire you. This is worth over $100 by itself.

All 60 pages of "Imagine" are available for download immediately, as soon as you purchase the eKit below.

Download 3: Create (25 pages) + Video Walkthroughs

Create covers how to craft engaging, attractive emails and sales pitches for your funnels.

Its chapters include:

  • Create Your Funnel Starting Point
  • Craft Engaging Story Emails
  • Create Sensitive Yet Effective Sales Pitches
  • Choose Your Funnel Tech and Tools
  • Personalize Your Content Sequences with Tagging

All 25 pages of "Create" are available in your book dashboard immediately after you purchase your eKit.

Its walkthrough videos include:

  • Walkthrough 3.1: How to Craft an Engaging Audience Quiz and Results
  • Walkthrough 3.2: How to Create Your First Email Course
  • Walkthrough: 3.3 How to Set Up Free Virtual Office Hours or Consultations (Using Automations)
  • Walkthrough 3.4: How to Create Attractive PDF Workbooks (that are Fillable + Printable)
  • Walkthrough 3.5: Review the Top 3 Funnels for Course Creators
  • Walkthrough 3.6: Review the Top 3 Funnels for Course CreatorsAuthors
  • Walkthrough 3.7: Set Up Advanced Funneling Based on Clicked Links Inside Your Emails

All walkthrough videos are available immediately in your dashboard as soon as you purchase the eKit.

P.S. In the first video walkthrough alone, you'll learn how to create the exact complex quiz and results I created here: Funnel Prescription Quiz.

P.P.S. Walkthrough 3.4 includes an Apple Pages workbook template and tutorial, as well as a 30-minute tutorial on creating a beautiful workbook for free in Canva.

Download 4: "Promote" (27 pages) + Video Walkthroughs

Promote shows you the visuals and strategies to get your funnel in front of your audience.

Its chapters include:

  • Craft Powerful Funnel Visuals
  • Learn 30 Free Ways to Get People to Your Funnel
  • Discover the 4 (no, 3) Best Facebook Ads Strategies

All 27 pages of "Promote" are available immediately once you register.

Its walkthrough videos include:

  • Walkthrough 4.1: How to Create Mockups for Your Content and Products
  • Walkthrough 4.2: How to Create GIFs for Your Funnel Emails and Social Media
  • Walkthrough 4.3: How to Create Sales Offer Graphics and Testimonials for Your Funnel Emails and Sales Pages
  • Walkthrough 4.4: How to Set Up Combination Pages on Your Site to Promote Your Funnel

All video walkthroughs are available in your book dashboard immediately after you purchase the eKit.

Download 5: "Borrow" (21 pages of actual, real funnels I've created)

Borrow includes exact email scripts and funnels I've created in two niches (my byRegina.com brand and a brand for introverts).

All 21 pages of "Borrow" are available in your book dashboard immediately after you purchase your eKit.

But, in addition to the 5 downloads (of over 200 pages in total) and the multiple walkthroughs, you also get access to 3 exclusive recordings from a live week on how to write sales emails.

Ready to build more profits in sensitive, human, and epic ways? Join below!

Your Guide

Regina Anaejionu
Regina Anaejionu

An author and an outgoing introvert---here to serve you some epic help for your online brand.

My history is one of establishing multiple businesses (from cupcakes to graphic design), writing hundreds of articles (Entrepreneur.com, USAToday.com, and more), writing multiple books, and creating tons of fun courses and business content. I'm obsessed with doing everything I can to help you master new concepts, take action, and actually have fun learning all the small steps and big ideas that go into creating your profitable online brand.

The Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get access to the book and eKit?
Right away. The book comes in five parts (with continuous numbering to make it simple for you) which are all ready to be downloaded as soon as your purchase the eKit. The other portions of your kit (templates and walkthroughs) are already loaded in your dashboard, waiting for you to watch and use them as soon as you purchase.
How long do I have access to the book and eKit?
Since you are able to download the book/workbook sections and any templates, you have permanent access to those. For the lifetime of the eKit, you will also have access to the walkthroughs in your eKit dashboard (which is the place you go right after you purchase and each time you log in).
What if I am unhappy with the eKit?
We truly feel you will love everything inside this intense eKit, but if you use it and don't find it helpful, we are offering a 10-day refund period. You can email heyhuman@byregina.com to request your refund within 10 days of your purchase date. Thank you.
What type of support does this eKit come with?
This book and eKit are designed to be all you need to get your funnels going, so they don't come with email support or private feedback, but you can join our free Facebook group (search for Humans of Online Business, with Regina Anaejionu as an administrator) and get feedback from other members.

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