SERVE Academy: List-Building and Sales Cycles for Coaches and Teachers (PLUS 2 Bonus Arsenals)

1-on-1 strategies, targeted training, and no time wasting . . . to help you build a list of people who want to pay you and learn from you.

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Your Guide

Regina Anaejionu
Regina Anaejionu

An author and an outgoing introvert---here to serve you some epic help for your online brand.

My history is one of establishing multiple businesses (from cupcakes to graphic design), writing hundreds of articles (Entrepreneur.com, USAToday.com, and more), writing multiple books, and creating tons of fun courses and business content. I'm obsessed with doing everything I can to help you master new concepts, take action, and actually have fun learning all the small steps and big ideas that go into creating your profitable online brand.

The Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does SERVE Academy start and finish?
It starts the week you enroll and is "dripped" out over 8 weeks. You will get to keep the materials hosted here on this site for at least two years, and even if we end hosting, you will be given 6-months notice (to the email address you register with) during which time you will be able to download and keep the materials for life. If you purchase SERVE Academy during a time when we are offering 1-on-1 calls, your call must be scheduled and held within 30 days of your registration.
What about refunds?
We are offering refunds for the first 14 days after purchase only. Refunds will not be offered if you have already scheduled your 1-on-1 call. Thank you!

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